The Starehe Boys Center was established in 1959 by Dr. Geoffrey Griffin, who has since passed away, and two other co-founders, Joseph Gikubu and Geoffrey Geturo. For boys in need, Starehe is a nonprofit organization that offers care and education.

Starehe Boys’ Centre National School Brief History

Geoffrey William Griffin, with help from Joseph Gikubu and Geoffrey Geturo, had the idea that led to the creation of Starehe Boys’ Center. Its origins may be traced back to the previous State of Emergency proclaimed by the leader of Colonial Kenya following the Mau Mau Uprising in 1952 and the subsequent outflow of impoverished and needy Mau Mau orphans into the streets.

When the school was initially opened in 1959, it was housed in two tin huts provided by Kenya Shell as well as BP. The school’s first 17 students came from the Kariokor Rescue Center in Nairobi. It relocated to its present site in Starehe, Nairobi, after a few months.

The word “Starehe” is Swahili for “Tranquility,” “Peace,” or “Comfort,” and it originally referred to an area where orphaned boys could find refuge. Additionally, it is the name of the city where the institution is located.

The institution, which provides education to kids from various socioeconomic situations, many of whom are disadvantaged, is a part of the global Round Square school network.

Starehe Boys Centre location;

This school is found in Nairobi County’s Starehe Constituency, close to Nairobi Town.

Starehe Boys’ Centre National School Info at a Glance

  • School Name: Starehe Boys’ Centre & School
  • School Code: 20400004
  • School Category: National
  • School Type: Boys
  • School cluster: C3
  • School KNEC Code: 20400004
  • School’s Location: Nairobi
  • School’s Postal Address: P.O Box 30178 -00100, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • School’s PHONE: +254 020 6761 221/ +254 727 531 001
  • School’s EMAIL:
  • School’s Website:

Starehe Boys’ Centre School Mission

Starehe Boys, a Centre for academically talented and needy boys, aims to offer homely support and a holistic education founded on strong principles such as discipline, multi-religious character formation, and leadership development.

Starehe Boys’ Centre National School Vision

To be a global Centre of excellence in youth development, effectively providing quality academic and leadership skills geared for the promotion of a just society founded on high moral principles.

Starehe Boys’ Centre National School Admission

To ensure that only the worthiest pupils are enrolled, Starehe Boys Centre has a strict admissions procedure.

Today, the vast majority of kids in Kenya have access to primary education. The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), which concludes the 8-year program, is a nationwide test.

At this point, a significant portion of these children have left school. Either they don’t perform well enough to get into one of the relatively few secondary schools, or even though they’ve done well in their exams and are eligible for admission, their families can’t afford the tuition. This is unfortunate since these children have a lot of promise and have persevered through significant and sometimes overwhelming obstacles to reach where they are now.

These are the boys that Starehe’s ministry reaches out to, boys who are chosen from all around Kenya and recruited from every ethnic background. The “Yellow Form,” affectionately known as the “Case History Form,” is used by these boys to apply to join Starehe. It asks for case history testimony from the parents or guardians, as well as supporting testimony from the boys’ civil administrator (Chief), minister of religion (Pastor/Priest/Imam), and primary school principal. As a result of sponsorship or endowment, we have set aside 70% of our spots for these guys.


Children from secure financial circumstances who also achieved exceptional grades in the KCPE exams are given the final thirty percent of our spots on a fee-paying basis. As a result, the setting becomes more normalized, and the needy boys are less likely to feel excluded from other social classes while still receiving the much-needed peer connection, inspiration, and competitiveness.

This integration is attested to by the long-standing brotherhood that has served as the center’s cornerstone, and after the course, there is little to no difference between the two groups.

Starehe Boys’ Centre 2021/2022 KCSE Results

The Starehe Boys’ Center scored well in the KCSE examinations in 2021. The institution received a B (plain) on average, or 9.4424 points.

251 of the 269 students who took the KCSE examinations in 2021 scored well enough to be admitted directly to universities. This amounts to a direct entrance rate of 93.30855%.

The school held positions 13 in the national rankings for KCSE 2021 and KCSE 2020, respectively. Under the Kenyan curriculum, the school provides pupils with both the brand-new competency-based curriculum and the rapidly phasing-out 8-4-4 education system. There are 50 teachers in all, and around 1000 students are enrolled there.