Are curling wands better than curling irons?

You have been taking selfies with your hair all straightened out for a while now. In this Instagram era, you wake up one morning and decide to get curly hair for that perfect selfie. Curling wands and curling irons are tools out there that could do wonders for you. But which tool is better than the other? You ask yourself. Well, it is important to first comprehend which tool is which. One should be able to identify these apparatus by their appearance. A curling wand has no clasp and when used gives results of natural waves. A curling iron creates refined ringlets that could be tight or loose. It is clear that hair does come out curly after using either of these two tools. Now that we have put the appearance aspect to rest, let us dive into other specifications that would make one to prefer using one over the other.

a) Speed: Curling wands heat up almost instantly after being plugged in. For this reason, they may be used almost instantly after being plugged in. This logic makes the use of curling wands a more effective and a quick method of hair styling. Curling Irons require somewhere from 3- 10 minutes to heat up prior to one using them on the hair. Also there are other varieties of irons that may require some heating up again in between using the apparatus.

b) Price: The more affordable choice between these two styling tools is the curling iron. Even with newer units getting into the current market with ceramic and tourmaline barrels, generally, curling wands are pricier than curling irons. Even though, there are just a few affordable ones. So why not get the tool that is pocket friendly to you instead of amassing debts around.

c) Smoothness: Curling wands give beachy curls that appear gentle but they do not give that appropriate finish to the curls. As for the curling iron, it does not only just offer you curls but in addition it makes your hair smooth and lustrous. So for a better finish, the iron will be an excellent choice. When in a rush or when going to an ordinary outing or party one could choose using the wand. For women with frizzy hair the iron could aid in taming their unruly hair and for sure the hair will smoothen out without any doubt.

d) Safe handling: It is advisable to use a glove especially for first timers when using a wand. Both of your hands need to be equally involved. One hand holds as the other one wraps the hair around the wand. The absence of a clip present on a curling iron to help hold hair in place when styling exposes the user to the source of heat. There are other irons that come with built in rests giving them something to sit on while heating. This protects countertops ensuring that only your hair touches the iron. Be careful and consider the level of heat before you begin to style the hair.

e) Variety of curls: While wrapping your hair, the wand offers different types of curls. If you endlessly spiral hair in the same direction around the barrel of the wand more uniform curls will be formed. In disparity to this, if you wind the hair and twist it simultaneously, volume is added and the beachy style of curls are lost. The same can be done by a curling iron though with a lot of struggle because of the presence of the clip.

f) Time usage: Curling wands are sometimes referred to as clip less curling irons. The absence of a separate clip hinged to the top meant to hold your hair in place means you can promptly wrap each section of hair and let it fall before moving to the next one. There is a likelihood of you spending more time doing the same hair using the curling iron as the clip becomes a hindrance. Less time is spent on styling the same volume of hair using the curling wand.

g) Longer Setting: Because of the quantity of heat produced by wands, they usually set hair better, as well as make curls that last for a longer period of time. The wands provide even heat distribution and prevent hair from getting kinked from a clamp due to their unique shape. While irons don’t require preheating, the quantity of heat produced is lesser than that produced by wands. Irons develop curls that are not close to the root of the hair. In turn the curls lack volume thereby appearing flat and end up being not long lasting.

h) Hair damage and barrels: Curling wands use the negative ion technology which ensures less damage to the hair shaft. The heat from the curling iron can damage and break hair. It is not a funny experience having to brush hair form your dress collar at a party courtesy of hair breakage. There are curling irons that have interchangeable barrels therefore there is no need of purchasing different irons. For those ladies that want to frequently change the size of their curls, the iron would be a valuable investment.